Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Refresh SQL Intellisense cache

It may not be as good as Red-Gates SQLPrompt, but I have to admit I'm getting used to SQL 2008's Intellisense.

What I was starting to get fed up with though was creating new objects or fields, and finding them underlined by intellisense who refused to acknowledge that I was correct.

I figured it must have an internal cache, but I was always too lazy to hunt around to find out how to refresh it - until now.
To be honest, it wasn't that tricky and there are mouse click or keyboard shortcut methods.

Keyboard method
In the query window with the offending underlined object - press Ctrl + Shift + R.

Mouse method
Take your hand off the mouse, put a finger on a shift key, a Ctrl key, and the R key, and press down!!!
In fact you could keep your right hand on the mouse, and press the keys with your left hand.
However, if you really want to increase your chances of RSI, and insist of doing everything through slow and cumbersome graphical interface menus, far be it from me to get grumpy (too late), go up to the Edit menu in SSMS, and under "Intellisense", you will find "Refresh Local Cache" for you to click away on to your hearts content.

It even tells you there though just to press Ctrl + Shift + R, so just do that OK?!!

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